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Now, Data makes Design simple. Create music landing pages automatically in seconds and get more conversions. Combine multiple music data sources from a neat dashboard.

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Gain time and efficiency in your workflow

Create simple marketing campaigns and awesome landing pages in seconds.

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Enter your artist or release name and ... voilà ! You can generate as many landing pages as you need. Your artist page will be perfect for the press and playlist pitch. A dedicated EP, LP or single release page will help during promotion with media and marketing operations.
  • No need to add existing content manually
  • No coding or page building required
  • Connect with your services
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Select the data you want to display

World’s data is a huge information resource for the music industry, but only if you learn how to exploit your data volumes. Spotify and Apple Music for artists, Bandcamp stats, Charts, reviews, Multiple social accounts to manage, … Booking, recording, promoting, posting, … This can leave a musician or a label manager overwhelmed and not having an overarching strategic data marketing tool. Create a campaign ›

Get more independence with data intelligence

Most emerging artists will not have enough opportunities for supporting acts, the social media presence they deserve or enough media impact and spend too much time soliciting playlisters. Consequently, they won’t create enough buzz within the industry More details ›

Forget website editors and layout builders

Create beautiful artist or album release landing pages on the fly. Our engine analyse your data accross your different channels, so you only have to edit existing content. We offer you different high quality templates and a dashboard to make it easy for you to focus on your creative work.

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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO friendly pages

Content is optimised for search engines. 100% free for one page.
  • Mobile and performance SEO ready

    Your page content will display smoothly with our mobile optimiser pages engine. You will get a SEO ready and pixel perfect desktop, tablet and mobile view experience.

  • Knowledge graph and other share boxes

    With musicdata page generator, check how your existing data is displayed and shared smoothly in Google, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, .... Generate automaticaly your knowledge graph, videos, snippet formats and more.

  • Discover new ideas for your promotion

    Get custom content, social marketing and SEO recommendations based on your data and streaming audience through a neat dashboard.

Video & news integration

Playfull and connected to online media


Your content studio

Monitor and filter all your online press and blog reviews. Add your favorite ones into your page’s EPK section. Integrate your latest Youtube videos and related metadata automatically.

Get alerts and news mentions

Get your daily understandable feed with the latest streaming and web mentions for a specific artist or album’s release. Access to stats and set custom alert to stay reactive.

HQ Templates

Automatic Design

We map your music genres on your design and colors. Switch from one template to another whenever you want.
Simplify your daily workflow

Simplify your daily workflow

Crafted for independent artists

Engage you fans and get more visibility without paying Ads is hard


Music Artists and Label’s teams never had some much data to deal with. Our app make it easier for you.

  • Data connector

    Get your cross channels dashboard

  • Content studio

    Media monitoring for your EPK

  • Creative community

    Find usefull resources and talents


Claude Fontaine (2019), Innovative Leisure

  • Connect with tastemakers

    Gain sufficient press placements and find the right playlisters or label to pitch to.

  • Find creatives

    Find the best creatives in the place for your next music video or photography session.

Get instant access to high quality design and data dashboard for free.

Create seo friendly music landing pages become a breeze.


Offer a new media experience to your fans and take advantage of your data.